Desktop Application Development

Desktop application development is one of the vital and core departments of our software developing servicesthat we offer.Software application development began with desktop applications, which could be used on standalone machines only.

Desktop applications can also be used by multiple users in a networked environment.

Desktop applications are the ones which are available anytime offline and provide you with faster response and rich user experience. You can imagine a spreadsheet application to better understand what we are talking about here. A desktop application does not require a third party server to host your data. You have total control over your data and would not lose them unless you don’t backup your data regularly.

Our versatile knowledge and vast experience allowed us creating efficient and user friendly desktop applications customized to specific clients’ requirements.

We offer particular expertise in Microsoft .NET Application Development, Website Development, Java/J2EE Application Development.

  • Responsiveness :
    Native apps are more responsive than web apps, partly due to lower level access to the machine and partly due to not having to talk to a remote server. However this advantage is eroding as bandwidth and JavaScript performance improves and more work is carried out by the client in web apps (e.g. using Ajax).
  • Better access to hardware :
    Desktop apps can make better use of the hardware available. For example, you can generally do printing a lot better from a desktop app.
  • Reduced hosting costs :
    The costs of hosting a website for a desktop app is minimal. Typically you just need to serve a few pages and a download file to each visitor. They then won’t need to come back until there is an upgrade. But hosting costs can be significant for a web app, particularly if the app requires large amounts of bandwidth or compute power.
  • Privacy :
    Many customers don’t feel confident storing important and confidential information on third-party servers.
  • Availability :
    You can’t use a web app unless the server is up and you have an Internet connection. A desktop app installed on your local machine is always available. You can continue to use it, even if the vendor goes out of business.