Support & Maintenance

At Stellans Technosoft we ensure that we follow best practices while maintaining our systems so that our production environment is stable. A unique methodology with clear metrics, entry and exit criteria defined at all stages to ensure transparency and accountability is our goal.

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 Support & Maintainance

Product Lifecycle Management Services

Businesses are expanding their reach into global markets and dispersing. The integration of diverse business processes, including design, manufacturing, production, and support functions, is critical to improving business processes and streamlining overall business operations. Our Product Lifecycle Management Services offer end-to-end services from the development of a strategic product roadmap to implementation.

PLM Support Services

We make sure you reach your customers faster and gain a competitive advantage that enables faster time to market, reduced product development costs and product innovation. Our dedicated team of consultants provide end-to-end solutions to help you reach your customers faster and lower your total cost of ownership.

Time efficient service

With teams in US and Indian hubs, you can leverage our services as an extension of your existing product support teams or to provide turnkey 24/7 support services.

Our Maintenance services include

Bug tracking and troubleshooting, Version updates, Improvements in version, Full user support, bug fix, performance monitoring, performance tests, quality control tests, documentation and maintenance .

Our Support & Maintenance Service Offer

Cost effective

We help companies meet the challenge of providing excellent technical support with services designed to quickly diagnose and resolve customer issues. As a result, end users enjoy responsive service while our customers benefit from higher customer satisfaction and lower support costs.

knowledge-based support

Our unique knowledge-based support technology employs rule-based systems and the intelligent agents enable our technical support consultants to quickly and reliably find accurate solutions to complex problems.

Extensive Technical support

Software installation support, hardware and software troubleshooting, Usage Support (Guide) for current and previous versions, incident resolution and ticket management.

Why Us?

24*7 Support

At STS, we have some talented and genius techies who stay proactive 24/7, helping our clients with every perspective of their web and apps. You can contact them to solve your problem as you like. Reach out without any inconvenience.

Budget Friendly

The services we offer are perfectly suited to your wallet. We offer economical and profitable solutions that adapt to you, your project and your requirements. Hire our experienced developers with fixed price or monthly models to customize to your needs and budget.

Flexible & transparent

Our processes adapt to your needs and give you control over the project. At the same time, we value transparency in the methodology and therefore keep you informed at every stage. Our flexible approach helps us with providing scalable solutions over the long run.

Quality & Result-driven

We are not only quality oriented but also a customer centric company as we always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality service upfront. Moreover, We always aim to provide the customer with more than satisfactory results.

We are Experienced

Our developers are domain specific and quite well versed with inventive technologies and modern-day approaches. In more than 12 years as a software development company, we have accumulated invaluable technical and business insights. This insight carries over into every project we work on, ensuring it delivers the desired results.

Unique Development process

we don’t just follow instructions, we unleash the full potential of your vision. Our development process is unique, handcrafted and reliable for your custom needs as it starts with scalable and extensible roadmaps.

Hire Software Developer

Stellans Technosoft is one of the leading organizations that offers the opportunity to hire highly experienced developers. Whether your requirements are long-term, short-term, or hourly, you get it all. With over 12+ years of experience and an army of highly skilled developers, STS offers solutions that are simply perfect. Service provided by our developers sums up Minimized Cost, accustomed solutions,convenient delivery, transparency and fluid Communication.

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