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Stellans Technosoft has provided comprehensive quality assurance services that helped businesses succeed for over a decade. We are a leading software testing company and our QA experts make sure your futuristic applications deliver a smooth user experience.

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Software Testing & Qa

Software Testing & QA Service

At STS, we add value to your product and ensure it is safe, efficient and reliable. We use various software testing and QA methods to achieve convincing results.We are one of the best software testing and quality control companies. We provide software testing services and QA services for various industries and help our customers improve their business applications efficiently.

Function Tests

Functional tests verify that each component or system matches with the requirements specification. Our functional testing services focus on ensuring the functionality, reliability and stability of a product/service before it enters the production phase.

Safety Tests and Stress Tests

These tests review the software security and determines how a software program works when many users access it simultaneously. We provide a deep dive into the cybersecurity posture of your IT environment and provide comprehensive recommendations on how to make it hack-proof.

Compatibility Tests

The following test ensures that your product runs on multiple databases, browsers, operating systems, hardware, networks and mobile devices. Our professionals will perform any type of compatibility tests you prefer based on your needs.

Usability Tests

Usability Testing evaluates your product or application with real users to see where they encounter problems and confusion. With usability testing services, we identify all usability issues before the app is released, ensuring an intuitive user experience.

Integration Tests

Units should be tested by integrating them into larger modules and groups that perform specific tasks and making sure they do so appropriately. We provide end-to-end integration testing services for your business, regardless of the industry using real test cases.

Acceptance Tests

User Acceptance Testing is the final step in software testing services and emulates real world usage conditions before a software application is released to end users. It is used to verify the performance of the final product against predetermined criteria.

Performance Testing

Load time and application performance are critical elements in the success of your product. We expertly test application performance under heavy loads, measure, validate and verify operational capabilities to ensure you can deliver a flawless customer experience.

Mobile Testing

Stellans Technosoft has been providing comprehensive mobile app testing services for over a decade and with the expertise of STS's powerful test engineers in mobile specifications and standards, we ensure high quality of your app within an optimal testing time, budget and user adoption.

Testing methods we offer



STS is one of the most recognized software QA and testing service providers offering world-class testing services. We have created our own niche in the field of manual testing. Our “Manual Testing of Excellence” consists of experienced test architects and engineers who are highly qualified and certified to perform manual testing services.

The manual test is one of the most successful testing approaches for finding critical bugs. We Use techniques like reasoning to uncover some of the errors or issues that automation testing sometimes misses.Manual testing is done from the end user's point of view and thus contributes significantly to improving the user experience and user-friendliness of the products.

We at Stellans Technosoft are here to check the quality of the software mainly, and then manually check the conditions and characteristics of the created software.Therefore, the manual software testing process means complete and 100% assurance that you are holding the most tested software in your hands.



Our tailored test automation strategies and intelligent automation frameworks minimize risk and target the right interfaces for testing.Let us improve your efficiency.

Test Automation can solve the challenges of fast development cycles and your need to respond to increasing customer demands while maintaining quality. Our automated testing approaches can empower your business by ensuring accuracy through fast and seamless automated test suites.

With automation , you can achieve greater test coverage to ensure better product quality, reduce test execution time by 50-99%, Minimize your total cost of quality while mitigating risk early in the SDLC, Accelerate your release cycle and much more.With extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge in various industries, we understand your specific requirements and offer tailor-made automation solutions that perfectly fit your project needs.

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24*7 Support

At STS, we have some talented and genius techies who stay proactive 24/7, helping our clients with every perspective of their web and apps. You can contact them to solve your problem as you like. Reach out without any inconvenience.

Budget Friendly

The services we offer are perfectly suited to your wallet. We offer economical and profitable solutions that adapt to you, your project and your requirements. Hire our experienced developers with fixed price or monthly models to customize to your needs and budget.

Flexible & transparent

Our processes adapt to your needs and give you control over the project. At the same time, we value transparency in the methodology and therefore keep you informed at every stage. Our flexible approach helps us with providing scalable solutions over the long run.

Quality & Result-driven

We are not only quality oriented but also a customer centric company as we always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality service upfront. Moreover, We always aim to provide the customer with more than satisfactory results.

We are Experienced

Our developers are domain specific and quite well versed with inventive technologies and modern-day approaches. In more than 12 years as a software development company, we have accumulated invaluable technical and business insights. This insight carries over into every project we work on, ensuring it delivers the desired results.

Unique Development process

we don’t just follow instructions, we unleash the full potential of your vision. Our development process is unique, handcrafted and reliable for your custom needs as it starts with scalable and extensible roadmaps.

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Stellans Technosoft is one of the leading organizations that offers the opportunity to hire highly experienced developers. Whether your requirements are long-term, short-term, or hourly, you get it all. With over 13+ years of experience and an army of highly skilled developers, STS offers solutions that are simply perfect. Service provided by our developers sums up Minimized Cost, accustomed solutions,convenient delivery, transparency and fluid Communication.

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