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Our mobile app developers can create beautiful, intuitive and interactive native apps for Android and iOS systems. From design and development to app store launch and version upgrades, we cover the entire lifecycle of your development project. Our developers have different but specific policies for each of the platforms, features and services offered by the operating system and devices.

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Mobile Apps Devlopment

First things first, we use xamarin for mobile application development and here’s why :

Xamarin: It is a cross-platform development framework that enables us to build mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows using C# and the .NET framework. Xamarin allow users to share up to 90% of the code across multiple platforms, while still providing native experiences and access to native APIs. It offers a range of tools and components to build, test, and deploy mobile applications, including Xamarin.Forms for creating user interfaces, Xamarin.Essentials for accessing device capabilities, and Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS for platform-specific development. With Xamarin, our team can take advantage of the productivity and power of .NET to build high-quality mobile apps exactly how you want, with reduced development time and cost.

Some more advantages of using Xamarin for Mobile-App Development are as follows

Native User Experiences

Xamarin has complete access to the native APIs and toolkits used by the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. As a result, it can offer native (or near-native) design and performance for any application.

Easy to build

You can create all of your Xamarin apps in either Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code as all the  cross-platform development tools are included in the IDE at no additional cost hence  eliminating the need to switch between development environments

Simplified Maintenance

Maintaining an app developed with Xamarin.Forms is much easier because it shares code. If you need to update your application to fix some issues, just do it in the source code and all the changes will automatically apply to the rest of your solution. Again, it saves time, developer involvement, and finances.  

Simple code management

Because it generates code that is 60-95% reusable, Xamarin is often referred to as a "write once, use everywhere" development platform.


Xamarin provides a comprehensive solution (Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Test Recorder) for testing and monitoring application user interface and performance. With these tools, you can run automated tests on multiple real devices in the cloud to find performance issues before release. 

Easy cloud integrations

The ultimate goal of cloud Integration is to function as a cohesive IT infrastructure that streamlines data flow. When the data and integrated cloud services are combined, multiple devices can access them over a network or the internet.

Why Us?

24*7 Support

At STS, we have some talented and genius techies who stay proactive 24/7, helping our clients with every perspective of their web and apps. You can contact them to solve your problem as you like. Reach out without any inconvenience.

Budget Friendly

The services we offer are perfectly suited to your wallet. We offer economical and profitable solutions that adapt to you, your project and your requirements. Hire our experienced developers with fixed price or monthly models to customize to your needs and budget.

Flexible & transparent

Our processes adapt to your needs and give you control over the project. At the same time, we value transparency in the methodology and therefore keep you informed at every stage. Our flexible approach helps us with providing scalable solutions over the long run.

Quality & Result-driven

We are not only quality oriented but also a customer centric company as we always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality service upfront. Moreover, We always aim to provide the customer with more than satisfactory results.

We are Experienced

Our developers are domain specific and quite well versed with inventive technologies and modern-day approaches. In more than 12 years as a software development company, we have accumulated invaluable technical and business insights. This insight carries over into every project we work on, ensuring it delivers the desired results.

Unique Development process

we don’t just follow instructions, we unleash the full potential of your vision. Our development process is unique, handcrafted and reliable for your custom needs as it starts with scalable and extensible roadmaps.

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Stellans Technosoft is one of the leading organizations that offers the opportunity to hire highly experienced developers. Whether your requirements are long-term, short-term, or hourly, you get it all. With over 13+ years of experience and an army of highly skilled developers, STS offers solutions that are simply perfect. Service provided by our developers sums up Minimized Cost, accustomed solutions,convenient delivery, transparency and fluid Communication.

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